Lingerie is a very technical business. Even the most gorgeous bra can be nothing but a paint if it doesn’t fit properly. Luckily, we at Attractions know exactly how to make you look and feel fabulous.

Perfect Fit: Your lingerie should be like a second skin. That’s why all our ranges are individually graded and tested on real women of every shape and size to make sure they give each girl the fit she deserves.

Fantastic Quality: Nothing’s too good for you. We select only the finest fabrics, laces and embroideries, then subject them all to a series of tests so that you get lingerie that looks good and lasts long.

Supreme Style: Upto F Cup and upto a minute. Our designers are constantly on the lookout for the very latest trends, styles, shapes and colours from the world’s fashion hotspots to give you cutting edge comfort. [Top]

Here are the main ways that choosing the right bra can help you look after your breasts.

Your size could change over time. So get fitted regularly to make sure the bra size you’re buying is still right one for you.

Gained weight or lost few kg’s? When your dress size changes, don’t forget your bra size, its even more sensitive to fluctuations in your weight. Generally, you should get re-measured if you go up or down by 3-4 kg’s or more. However, if you start hitting the gym, your body shape may change even if your weight doesn’t, so remember to double check your bra size then too.

Time of the month? Time for a different bra. Incredibly, you can go up a whole cup size during your period. And when your breasts are quite tender, you don’t want to squeeze them into something that’s too small.

One for the mums. Your breasts will start to swell in the first few weeks of pregnancy. They’ll grow again when you start breastfeeding, then change once more when you stop. So make sure you’ve got a few different-sized bras on-hand to help you stay comfortable.

A skin thing. As you get older, or when you stop breastfeeding, there’s a chance your skin will lose some of its elasticity and that you could lose some muscle tone. Don’t panic, it just means you might need to try a different style of bra. For instance, you could go for a half cup instead of the full cup if the top of your bust isn’t as toned as it once was.

Purely medicinal. On a pill or having any hormonal changes? Hormonal medication can affect your bra size. In fact the chances are your bust will grow. So make sure you update your lingerie drawer accordingly.

None of the above? Even if there are no noticeable changes to your shape or size, we’d still recommend checking your bra size every 6 to 12 months. [Top]

All Attractions lingerie is designed to look after you. Keeping your underwears as perfect as the day you bought them requires a bit more than chucking them in the washing machine. Here are a few hints…

Hand wash only. Sorry girls, but it makes a difference. Lycra is one of the key ingredients of your bra’s fabric- it makes sure there’s plenty of firm support- but it will degrade quicker in a washing machine. And that’s not the only reason to keep it hand-washed. Our delicate laces and embroideries will also last longer, while hooks, eyes and underwires can also damage washing machine.

Don’t tangle with tumble drying. It damages Lycra, it abuses the embroidery, the underwires can interfere with the machine….all the reasons mentioned above basically.

Ditch the dry cleaning. This too can play havoc with your lycra.

Bin the bleach. Its bad news. As well as damaging delicate fabrics, bleach can affect those bold, fresh colours that make your lingerie so much fun.

Put the iron down. Who has time to iron their undies? But incase you’re tempted, don’t. The embroideries and lace just can’t handle it.

Take your time. Sure, it takes effort to lovingly hand-wash your lingerie, but the way you look and feel once you slip it on makes it all worth it. [Top]

According to lingerie experts, a staggering 80% of us are suffering in bras that don’t fit properly. In most cases, the main problems are a back size that’s too big and a cup size that’s too small. As well depriving your bust of the support it needs, bad-fitting bras also mean you don’t show off your figure at its best.

The right bra can put curves back in all the right places and transform your silhouette. So how can you keep in perfect shape?

Get measured professionally. Most of you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that you’re actually slimmer around your rib cage and bigger in the bust than you actually thought.

Keep it up. Get yourself measured every six months or so. Our bodies are constantly changing, so it’s important to keep track of your bra size.

Don’t do it yourself. We’d never recommend that you try and measure yourself. It’s very difficult and you could waste time and money buying a bra that just doesn’t fit. Leave it to the professionals. Consultants in departmental stores and boutiques are specially trained to be discreet and put you at ease. [Top]

Do you know your bra size?
Believe it or not, recent research suggests that around 80% of us are wearing the wrong bra size. So chances are you could be too.
The most common mistakes are wearing a back size that’s too big and a cup size that’s too small - often more than one whole size out. When you’re not giving your bust the support it needs, you can end up with back and neck ache, bad posture and even saggy boobs later on.

The answer’s simple. Getting properly fitted and choosing the right bra size and style for you can totally transform your figure. It can put curves back in all the right places, while giving you more comfort and confidence than ever.

So are you in the right bra? Here are some ways to find out:

Does your bra ride up at the back? (It should sit level at the front & back)
This means the band size is too big.

Are your boobs spilling out of your cups? (Perhaps creating a ‘double boob’ effect) Your cup size is too small.

Does the wire stand away at the front of your bra, between your boobs?
Your bust is pushing the bra away from your body because the cup size is too small.

Does the wire dig into your boobs?
Usually this is at the side towards your underarm. This means the cup is too small.

Are your straps digging in and leaving horrible red marks?
When your straps are pulled this tight, it’s usually to overcompensate for the fact that the under band of your bra is not offering enough support from around the frame of your body. Pulling the straps up isn’t going to get you that extra bit of lift, going down in the band size will.

Is your bra generally uncomfortable?
A combination of all the problems listed above can make your bra feel just plain wrong. You should feel comfortable all day long, so if you don’t it’s likely you’re wearing the wrong size or style for you.

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, there’s only one thing to do – get fitted.

We’d strongly recommend getting yourself down to the lingerie section of a department store, or your local boutique, and getting yourself fitted professionally. As well as making sure you’ve got all the comfort and support you need, you might also be pleasantly surprised. It’s great to learn that you’re actually slimmer around your rib cage and bigger up front than you thought.

So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t been fitted, get yourself to a store and find out what bra size you really are.

You have been blessed with fantastic boobs, so make the most of them. Once you have figured out your size the next step is getting your bra on correctly. Putting a bra on is as easy as Swoop and Scoop.

Simply follow these steps to ensure your bra is a perfect fit.
Firstly, lean forward and allow your breasts to fall into your bra (what we call the swoop) so they sit in place naturally and comfortably. Then fasten the bra on the loosest hook and stand up. Lastly, scoop each breast gently into place in the bra to ensure they are comfortably positioned and not caught in the underwire or spilling out of the sides and use your index finger to smooth across the top cup edge to ensure there is no overspill.

And there you have it; it really is as simple as that. [Top]